• Feb18
  • Watch cottonseed oil make HISTORY!

    Cottonseed oil is about to make history! The History Channel, that is. Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. EST to watch host Bobby Bognar of the new hit TV series Food Tech trace the journey that ingredients make from farm to plate.

    Cottonseed oil plays a starring role in the show’s fifth episode, “Southern Fried,” when host Bognar treks to Texas in search of the perfect frying oil to prepare Southern staples such as catfish and gator. He finds it in some big, white, fluffy piles of cottonseed.

    “You know the old saying: if it grows together, it goes together,” Bognar says. “Cottonseed oil is produced throughout the South and has become a favorite for frying locally farmed catfish and alligator, not to mention hushpuppies, chicken and other Southern fried standbys.”

    Visit The History Channel website for more airtimes.