• Aug13
  • Why Cottonseed Oil Is the Ultimate Insiders’ Beauty Secret

    Cottonseed oil has been used as a cooking aid since time immemorial — or, at the very least, since the 19th century. Back then, it was used to cook everything from sauteed green vegetables to plain old fried chicken.

    But recently, cottonseed oil’s applications have diversified. One of the more unexpected uses for cottonseed oil: beauty products. Yes, you read that right. Some fashion mags, including Allure Magazine and New York Magazine, have gone so far as to label cottonseed oil as an “ultimate insiders’ beauty secret.” That’s some high praise from notoriously cool (sometimes outright jaded) customers.

    How can cottonseed oil work as the ultimate insiders’ beauty secret? Here’s what you need to know about cottonseed oil’s use as a beauty product.

    Madapollam Body Scrub

    Madapollam Body Scrub, reports New York Magazine, is a delightful mix of essential ingredients that “smells like a clean T-shirt” pulled right out of the wash. Cottonseed oil can’t take credit for the entire experience, but it’s definitely true that this clean, crisp oil improves the overall scent (or, rather, doesn’t impart any of its own olfactory clutter) of this down-to-earth scrub. It’s also worth noting that cottonseed oil has a great vitamin profile that supports skin health and improves complexion. Food — or, more accurately, oil — for thought.

    Maybelline New York Baby Lips

    Sick of lip balms that leave your smackers puffy and sticky? Try Maybelline New York Baby Lips on for size. Allure Magazine reports that seven Baby Lips are sold every 15 seconds, an average of nearly one every two seconds. TL;DR: Baby Lips is an insanely popular lip balm that’s made possible, among other things, by its delectable reserve of high-quality cottonseed oil. Try a swipe or two on for size and see what everyone’s talking about.

    Smith’s Rosebud Salve

    Smith’s has been around for, get this, more than 120 years. Turns out that America’s original beauty insiders were using cottonseed oil way before it was cool — or, at least, way before it was cool to use this cotton byproduct for anything other than deep-frying fish, chicken and vegetables. You’ve come a long way, Smith’s. A long way.

    Can Cottonseed Oil Compete?

    Back in the 1980s and 1990s, coconut oil was all the rage among in-the-know fashionistas. To be fair, coconut oil is a great ingredient in plenty of legit beauty products. But it’s hard to argue that cottonseed oil can’t stack up against the coco-fueled competition — particularly now that we know so much more about chemistry and biology in the beauty space.

    In the increasingly cluttered cosmetics business, the renewed interest in cottonseed oil is the equivalent of the local food movement: a back-to-basics approach to skin and lip care. It’s only fitting that America’s first mass-produced cooking oil is coming back as a natural alternative to unpronounceable cosmetic ingredients.

    Do any of these cottonseed oil beauty products appeal to you? Are you ready to “convert” to cottonseed oil?