• Cottonseed oil is back on the culinary map. From coast to coast, America’s original vegetable oil is working its way back into fryers and reformulated recipes that call for zero trans and great flavor.

    The very traits that made cottonseed oil so popular in the 1900s – namely, high stability and neutral flavor – are perhaps even more relevant today. For starters, cottonseed oil does not require hydrogenation, making it a zero-trans solution for foodservice operators and food processors. Plus, cottonseed oil doesn’t impart a flavor of its own. It’s completely neutral!

    Well, you’ll be anything but neutral on the subject after getting reacquainted with this rising star. Take the tour. You’ll see a sampling of the top restaurants, food processors and bakeries nationwide that are putting cottonseed oil to work for them.

    If you’d like to be featured on the Cottonseed Oil Comeback Tour, contact the National Cottonseed Products Association today!

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