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  • America’s Original Vegetable Oil

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    Deeply rooted in American food history, cottonseed oil has played an important role since the mid 1800′s. With today’s pressures to reduce trans fats, cottonseed oil is reemerging as a smart choice in culinary development for food service operators, chefs and food manufactures.

    Thanks to its naturally high stability and versatility, cottonseed oil is a solution for reducing trans, while enhancing – never masking – the natural flavor of food.

    Why Cottonseed Oil?
    Neutral flavor
    Highly stable
    Low flavor reversion
    Strong shelf life
    Low fryer turnover
    Extremely versatile
    Commercially available

    Moderate saturate fat levels of 22-28% provide built-in stability. No hydrogenation required.
    “Heart healthy” in moderation, according to the American Heart Association.
    Good source of essential fatty acids (70-% unsaturated, 26% saturated)
    Good Source of Vitamin E.
    Cholesterol free.

    Flavor Neutrality & Stability
    Low flavor reversion – ideal for cooking at hight temperatures.
    Develops a pleasant nutty, buttery flavor.
    Strong Shelf Life & cost Efficiencies
    Stability in the fryer means less turnover an greater cost efficiencies.
    Resists rancidity, offering a longer shelf life within the distribution system and more shelf-stable finished products. .

    Available in commercial quantities to satisfy the current demand for trans-free oils.
    Pack sizes include 35 lb and 17.5 containers, and industrial drums. Check with your supplier.

    Snack Foods: Uniquely brings out the natural flavor of potato chips and other snack foods.
    Asian Foods: Perfect for sauteeing and stir-frying vegetables and seafood.
    Salad Dressings: Sturdy, yet delicate enough to avoid coating a diner’s mouth.