• The grand poobah of the edible oils industry, cottonseed oil has played a significant role in U.S. food history more than 150 years.

    1794 Eli Whitney invents cotton gin

    1882 First cottonseed oil bottled in the States

    1897 First national cotton organization founded – later called the National Cottonseed Products Association

    1899 Chemist David Wesson develops new process for deodorizing cottonseed oil –Wesson Oil® introduced

    1909 American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) formed to advance oil and fat chemistry

    1911 Crisco® (short for crystallized cottonseed oil) shortening introduced

    1937 Cottonseed oil edges out coconut oil, taking lead in margarine production

    1941 World War II causes cottonseed oil shortages, forces soybean oil utilization

    1944 Soybean oil outranks cottonseed oil for first time

    1980 Industry moves to cleaner, safer and cost-effective production methods to extract oil1

    1993 Cottonseed oil reaches estimated retail value of $1,741,470,6502

    1997 Prepared Foods magazine reports, “Cottonseed oil is one of the most suitable oils for frying potato chips… it gives a very pleasant, natural flavor.”3

    2004 Domestic demand for CSO surges above 900 million lbs for first time in nearly a decade

    2004 Crisco® introduces Zero Grams Trans Fat per serving all-vegetable shortening made with cottonseed oil4

    2005 ConAgra Foods launches new zero trans Wesson® cottonseed oil blend

    2007 ACH Food Companies Inc. debuts new FryMax and Mazola zero trans cottonseed oil blends