• Feb17
  • A Tip From a First-Timer

    We’re excited about our latest video entry from 11-year-old chef Kyler. Take a trip to Kyler’s Kitchen as he demonstrates his best beignet using cottonseed oil, then finishes with a special thanks to cotton farmers nationwide!

  • Feb09
  • It Doesn’t Get Much Sweeter Than This

    Video entries will be rolling in soon as the “Best Beignet” contest nears the deadline. Check out our first entry by Jenny Ford of SugarLoco – an adorable mother/daughter duo demo their best beignet.

  • Feb03
  • Check out What’s Cooking (or Frying!) at

    Kim Ode of the Minneapolis Star Tribune shares her formula for a sweet Mardi Gras, the key step: beignets friend in cottonseed oil. Watch Minneapolis’ own chef Philip Dorwart demonstrate beignet talent in his YouTube video, then take the $5K beignet challenge and let the good times roll!

  • Feb02
  • The Perfect Potato Chip

    Check out this step-by-step guide for a perfect potato chip from Chef Joe Moko of Hooked Healthy Seafood to Go in Australia, with tips on choosing the right potato and the right oil. Read why Joe prefers cottonseed oil, and his other chip tips.

  • Feb01
  • Not All Oils Created Equal

    Natural elements are working against our bodies everyday (like stress and free radicals), but food doesn’t have to be one of them. A recent article in The Korea Times explains that choosing the right foods are important, even when it comes to cooking oil. Cottonseed oil, used in many international cuisines, is a good source of essential fatty acids and is naturally trans-free.

  • Jan28
  • A Lesson from a Legend

    Calling all beignet beginners – give it your best shot with Café du Monde’s beignet mix, they’ve been in the biz for 150+ years. You can purchase Café du Monde’s mix online and in most grocery stores. Then follow their suggestion and fry your sweet treat in cottonseed oil, ‘cause any other oil just wouldn’t taste the same!

  • Jan26
  • “Best Beignet” Buzz

    Word of the “Best Beignet” contest is spreading fast – check out this post by QSR Magazine, sharing contest details with their readers. We’re looking forward to receiving entries from the foodservice community!

    Think you have the “Best Beignet?” Share it with us! Hurry…Mardi Gras is just 38 days away!

  • Jan21
  • Get Inspired with Chef Dorwart's Beignet How-to

    Have a great beignet recipe, but need a little inspiration? Chef Philip Dorwart demonstrates how to fry the perfect Café du Monde-style beignet. Watch the video, then try his tips and tricks when frying your “Best Beignet,” and don’t forget the cottonseed oil!

  • Jan20
  • Video Contest: Bring your “Best Beignet” for a shot at $5K!

    With Mardi Gras just around the corner, revelers already are anticipating the festival’s signature beignets. Piping hot and piled high with powdered sugar, a bead-worthy beignet begins with the right cooking oil. Now through February 18, the National Cottonseed Products Association (NCPA) is challenging chefs and cooks to create their best beignet using cottonseed oil. The winner of the “Best Beignet” video contest receives $5,000.

    For additional details about NCPA’s “Best Beignet” video contest, including the official rules, visit our Mardi Gras page. Cooks needing a little on-camera inspiration are encouraged to visit Cottonseed Oil Tour on YouTube and watch Chef Philip Dorwart create his best Café-du-Monde style beignet. Don’t forget to follow @CottonseedOil on Twitter for updates!