• Sep09
  • Today Show’s Al Roker Nods to Cottonseed Oil

    Straight from the kitchen of New Orleans’ world renowned Café du Monde…Today Show’s Al Roker pays a visit to learn more about the restaurant’s celebrated beignets and its oil of choice – Cottonseed Oil! Thanks for sprinkling the powdered sugar, Al!

  • Aug26
  • New Orleans’ secret ingredients

    In Liu Enming’s recent article, “A Taste of New Orleans Returns,” Creole, jazz and long-time restaurants like Antoine’s and Café du Monde are spotlighted as classics for maintaining their reputation and residence in New Orleans. Café du Monde, surpassing its 150th birthday, is one establishment that draws the repeat visitor. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the menu with few options beyond the Café au lait and beignet, or it may be the tradition of the preparation and ingredients they choose, including frying in cottonseed oil. Visit or sample the real thing in the French Market!

  • Aug20
  • Cottoning to a Tasty Oil

    Travel back in time with Elaine Liner’s latest blog post, From an Old Trove of Recipes, Cottoning to a Tasty Oil, where she uncovers her grandmother’s old Cottolene recipe books and chronicles the history of cooking with cottonseed oil. Elaine writes for the Dallas Observer and the City of Ate Food Blog.

  • Aug03
  • QSR Mag: “2010: Year of the Cottonseed”

    U.S. cotton growers and members of the cottonseed crushing industry have a little added bounce in their step this year. As we blog, crushers are receiving the first loads of new crop cottonseed, expected to be part of the largest crop in at least three years! With continued favorable weather, growers could harvest an additional 3 million cotton acres, resulting in more than 6 million tons of cottonseed, compared to last year’s 4.1 million tons. More cottonseed is delish news for the food industry, which relies on cottonseed oil as a quality ingredient in preparing everything from potato chips and French fries to fried catfish and tempura. In fact, QSR Magazine proclaimed 2010 the “Year of Cottonseed!”

  • Jun15
  • Flap your wings – it’s National Turkey Lovers Month

    June is National Turkey Lover’s Month! In celebration of your favorite bird, why not make a special feast sure to be enjoyed by all! Try a longtime tradition of deep frying turkey in cottonseed oil – it’s perfect for enhancing the natural turkey flavor while maintaining the moisture that makes turkey gobble-worthy! Plus, cottonseed oil is one of the healthiest choices for preparing your lovely bird. For more information about cottonseed oil and for great deep-fried recipes and tips, click here.

  • Jun04
  • Happy National Doughnut Day

    National Doughnut Day ranks right up there with Thanksgiving and Mardi Gras. Besides serving as delicious excuses for indulging, these food holidays have another thing in common: they wouldn’t be quite as delicious without cottonseed oil. There’s no better oil for frying a turkey or whipping up batches of hot beignets. Don’t just take our word for it – ranking high on the list of America’s Top 10 Doughnuts is Café du Monde, who has fried their beignets (aka “official state doughnut of Louisiana”) in nothing but cottonseed oil for more than 100 years.  If you feel like whipping up some Café du Monde-style doughnuts in celebration of National Doughnut Day today, check out this recipe.

  • Apr29
  • Bigger Crush Expected in 2010

    Growers are planting 1.3 million additional cotton acres in 2010 – great news for the cottonseed crushing industry! Assuming good weather and reasonable growing conditions, the 2010 crop could yield up to 1 million additional tons of cottonseed. This would raise the crush to about 2.3 million tons, up from 1.8 million tons in 2009. Learn more about this versatile oil!

  • Mar16
  • The Buzz around Better Made

    Cottonseed oil comeback tour favorite, Better Made Snack Foods, is known throughout Michigan for its salty snacks and crisp chips in countless flavors. This regional manufacturer uses locally grown potatoes and trans fat-free cottonseed oil to make chips that are noticed by customers near and far. Most recently, Better Homes and Gardens took note and included Better Made Snack Foods in an article spotlighting favorite local chips.

    Are you also a fan of Better Made Snack Foods? If so, be sure to enter its recipe contest for a chance to receive shipments of Better Made products.

  • Mar04
  • In Season: Cooking Wild Game

    The art of hunting and cooking wild game is migrating into the territory of the home cook, according to wild game experts. With spring turkey hunting seasons opening across the nation in March and April, it’s not too early to get your kitchen in order. Paramount for moist and flavorful wild game dishes? The right cooking oil, of course.

     “The secret to moist and flavorful game, such as deep fried turkey, is the cooking oil,” says WildCheff Denny Corriveau. “Cottonseed oil has a neutral flavor, which allows the distinctive flavor of the game to reach the palate – not the taste of oil.”

    Click here for tips on deep frying wild turkey.